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From board rooms to birthday parties we offer a clean, friendly, and spacious environment for hosting Christmas Parties, Birthday Parties, Horse Shows and Clinics, and any other gathering that would be better off at a farm than in your living room. 


Prices vary depending on your wants and needs of space and activities.   

Party and Board Room Rental prices start at $50.00 per hour or $200.00 for the day.  Amenities include: indoor washroom, BBQ w/propane, plenty of seating, fridge and freezer, water cooler, coffee maker, tea kettle, roaster, and griddle.  We supply disposable drink cups, cutlery, plates, and napkins. Clean up is on us.


We have a large equine facility. Our equine training facility includes a 60' fenced round training corral, a 180' semi-fenced round riding corral, cattle work, set of jumps, one large flat arena - not fenced, a marked competition size dressage ring, and a standard size race track.  Stalls, private paddocks, and temporary stabling is available for day use as well as overnight stabling.  Trailer parking is free for the clinic/show participants.  

Day Rides $20.00 per hour.  Riding facility is shared with boarders, or other riders.

Private Day Rides $60.00 per hour.  Riding facility is closed to boarders and other riders.

Clinic/Show Rates $350.00 per day or $1500.00 for 5 days.  

*Stabling is $25.00 per horse per day, includes hay and bedding.  You are responsible for mucking and cleaning up after your horse(s). 

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