Natural Care Boarding Facility

What does "Natural Care" really mean? Do we just let the horses run wild?

To us Natural Care means that we mimic the natural way wild horses live in a controlled environment to the best of our ability in conjunction with your needs for both yourself and your horse. 

Our horses have free access to movement, hay, water, and a social life.  We know if your horse is happy and relaxed, you are too. 

We have many boarding options available:

Pasture Board $250.00:  Pasture board is an outdoor board.  Your horse lives outside 24-7 in a small herd with a run-in shelter.  Pasture board still gives you the same access to all our training corrals, trails, and barns.  This option is available for barefoot horses only. 

Stall Board $350.00: Owners who require a stall, and want their horses out in herd.  We call this the best of both worlds.  Horses get their own stall for inclimate weather, and free choice turnout for those nicer days.  The horses are out in a small herd.    

Stall Board with a Private Paddock $450.00:  Some horses don't play well with others, and some owners prefer to keep their horses bubble wrapped - or at least as close to bubble wrapped as possible.  These horses are turned in at night, and kept in during inclement weather.  This option still provides 24-7 access to hay and water.  

We have a three month minimum for both Pasture Board and Stall Board.  This keeps our herd stress levels to a minimum